Meet Brittany Lucas, Good Enterprises Program Coordinator

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Brittany moved to Charleston, SC in 2006 when her father retired from the United States Navy, though her mother is originally from Charleston. Falling in love with the stunning aesthetic of Charleston, which was historic and beautiful, Brittany has always prioritized service to others and unity, values instilled by her Jamaican background. Implementing those teachings, she was able to find versatility in workforces including healthcare, public administration, and civilian development.

In 2023, Brittany discovered Lowcountry Local First while searching for local networking events and in-person business courses. Enrolling in Lowcountry Local First’s Community Business Academy, which is led by the Good Enterprises Program, she found the program fulfilling and informative. After graduating from the program, Brittany felt that Lowcountry Local First provided the unity she sought to provide service not only to other business owners but also to local individuals desiring to uplift all communities. Brittany now coordinates the Good Enterprises program ensuring our English and Spanish Community Business Academy classes run smoothly.

When not working, Brittany enjoys studying Spanish, French, and Arabic cultures. You may also find Brittany at Charleston Farmers Market, Isle of Palms Beach, or just simply exploring the living history of Charleston.  Brittany is also the owner of Escapade Fragrances, where she creates custom scents for her clients.

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